Our story

The world is racing at a very fast pace towards digitalisation. Every company, brand, profession or even an individual requires digital presence to sustain and grow in today’s market. Having basic knowledge about digital marketing is considered a life skill. We understand the significance of this and hence have brought together for you a team of professionals from the industry who will not just train and mentor you but will help you understand the minute details that makes a huge difference in the digital world. We believe that as a digital marketing agency, we want to collaborative learning and practical skills that give your career that extra push.

Learning at DO Academy

As the importance of digital marketing is surging ahead it’s important that a person in any and every profession at least have the basic knowledge of digital marketing. Anyone post their higher secondary can join this course. We have divided the courses into various categories that cover the entire curriculum of digital marketing starting from web development, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, graphic designing, content writing and photography. Not only this, have scheduled our classes in such a manner that even working professionals can attend the classes with ease. Post the course completion, we help our students in giving standard verified on-line examination that are provide Google, Facebook, Adobe etc. certificates.

So what’s making you wait, come, step in the digital world, give your CV a lift, learn that missing element that finally boosts your career opportunities.

  • 90% lessons are video
  • Displaying clear curriculum
  • Discussion with other students
  • Compatible with Ubermenu
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